19 January 2021What Is A Shaker Style kitchen? Will it suit your home?

When people talk about โ€˜traditionalโ€™ kitchens they mean shaker! With origins of quality craftsmanship, durable and functional application and a timeless recessed panel profile, kitchens that centre around shaker styles have simple wooden square designs with uncomplicated features.

Deciding what style you want to base your kitchen design around is the starting point for designing your ideal kitchen. Shaker kitchens are the most popular choice due to their simplistic and classic design elements and versatility to adapt to any taste.

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The sleek and symmetrical style of shaker kitchens lends itself to traditional design, but its versatile application means it can be adapted to modern and contemporary kitchens to work with 21st century homes. Use our kitchen designer tool to see your dream kitchen in 3D.

What are the main features of a shaker style kitchen?

Doors, cabinets and draws feature a flat panel centre and square surround with traditionally dovetail, mortise or tenon joints. Simple lines and uncomplicated structures which are durable and adaptable. A distinct lack of ornamental features is expected.

Handles were traditionally made of the same wood as the panels, however modern shaker kitchens often feature minimalistic metal handles to suit the style of kitchen.

Colour palettes can be personalised to your tastes! Keep it light and contemporary with natural woods or light colours or go bold with deep shades to give a modern vibe.

How can I style my shaker style kitchen?

There is a multitude of styles which compliment kitchens using the shaker style:

Contemporary/ Modern
Transform your kitchen into a trend driven cooking zone with materials like quartz. Keep your accessories minimal for uncluttered spaces with clean lines. You can afford to be adventurous with colours and painted cabinets.

Traditional/ Cottage
Traditional shaker kitchens let the wood do the talking with treated pine or cherrywood. Keep the design natural and match with farmhouse features like a Neff gas hob for a country cottage feel.

For an industrial style shaker let your raw materials be seen! Bare brick, steel or copper work well to achieve the industrialised feel. Exposed extraction or pipework and copper sinks add to the steely look.

The essence of a shaker style kitchen is sleek and effortless. No fussy and complicated design features, just simple lines and a classic, unassuming and versatile to suit any taste.

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