16 September 2021

Storage is one of the most important elements when designing your bedroom. Clothes, shoes, bedding, it all needs somewhere to go. Limited storage is more likely to lead you to a messy space. Our bespoke tailored bedrooms offer countless options for storage and organisation to make the most out of your space.


Bedroom Organisation

From bedside tables, chest of drawers and dressing tables to shelves and wall units, we have a selection of storage and organisation ideas. Meeting your practical needs as well as aesthetic demands is important, which is why our designs are completely bespoke. You can choose the range, style, colour and finish. 

Shelving units in your bedroom can maximise your storage space. We love seeing shelving units for a host of things including books, clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery. Although, the list is endless. Incorporate a chest of drawers alongside your wardrobe for more clothing space and use dressing tables with drawers to store skincare, jewellery, fragrances and getting ready essentials. 

Built In Wardrobe

Built in wardrobes certainly have an advantage over freestanding. First of all, they maximise your space. Built in wardrobes can be fitted to any kind of space and are made to measure. Buying a wardrobe from a retailer can be full of issues. Will it be too tall? Will it fit in my room? Will it have enough space? All of these problems are alleviated with a fitted wardrobe, as we take the dimensions of your room into account. 

You can use your creative flair and choose the design that suits the rest of your bedroom decor. Our designers can then create stunning 3D visuals to showcase your vision. Pick from our wide range of styles and finishes to suit your taste and colour preference. 

Adjusting the internal set-up is another great advantage of a built in wardrobe. Whether you need more hanging space, extra shelves or storage boxes, we can tailor to your needs. If your wardrobe is a shared space, we can even design each side separately. 

Built In Bedroom Furniture

Similar to built in wardrobes, built in furniture can be made to measure, meaning it will be perfectly fitted to your space using your required dimensions. This maximises your room, so you will no longer have to worry about a chest of drawers leaving awkward gaps, or dressing tables that don’t quite fit. 

Take control and customise your furniture. Not only can you customise the style, material, colour and finish, you can also make storage decisions. Whether you want a bedside table with a built-in safe, a TV built into the foot of your bed frame or under bed space for your blankets and sheets, we can create bespoke solutions for you. 

Built In Wardrobe Mirror Doors

Mirrored wardrobe doors have a lot of benefits to your space. Firstly, you can have a wall of full length mirrors integrated into your wardrobe, saving you time and money searching the shops for the perfect mirror to fit your room. Large mirrors can be costly and take up a lot of space, particularly if they are too heavy to hang on the wall. Incorporating mirrors into your doors will remove this issue. Not only are they functional, but mirrored doors look sleek, modern and are very popular. 

The mirrors camouflage the wardrobe, creating the illusion of more space. Whilst the reflective surfaces allow light to bounce around the room, creating a brighter atmosphere and making the room feel bigger than it is. 

Again, we have a host of customisable options for you to choose from. You can decide from a full set of mirrored doors or still keep some remaining in your chosen material. 

Browse through our storage and organisation options on our website today or visit our Lincoln kitchen showroom to speak with our team of designers.