19 January 2021What are the most important features in a modern style kitchen, and how can I add them into my kitchen design?

Modern style kitchens can be achieved in any space with by following three main concepts when designing your space. If you take the time to consider your materials, layout and functionality you can create a modern room to your specific tastes that oozes contemporary style.

This guide identifies three of the most important features to consider when designing a modern style kitchen. These concepts will fit with any taste or colour scheme so you can add personality and flair to a modern style kitchen whether you are looking for a showroom finish or lived-in chic.


1. The materials you choose are key to bring your kitchen into the 21st century

The most popular choices are dekton and quartz to make sleek and effortless counter surfaces and islands. Exposed concrete gives an industrial tone to a modern kitchen.

The less intricate detail the better when trying to achieve a modern style. Frameless cupboard doors and draws, simple handles and block colours rather than patterns help to create a contemporary mood.

2. Layout your kitchen using some main principles to exude modernity

Maximise light and space by using reflective materials either on large surfaces or in the accessories. Glass splashbacks and Silestone countertops are common to see in modern style kitchens.

Uninterrupted surfaces without joins or breaks, counter spaces that stretch the whole length of your kitchen and open floor plans give the illusion of more space. Modern kitchens often have built in seating areas such as breakfast bars and peninsula seating around islands as the kitchen is more of a family hub and dining rooms get used for home offices or other functional spaces.


3. Functionality is at the forefront of design to bring your kitchen into the modern age

The most important element of a modern kitchen is that it is a functional space that can be utilised for an easy life and meet the needs of your life. Modern style kitchens have hidden features and additional gadgets that make living effortless.

Unlike shaker style kitchens appliances are integrated to cupboard space.

Modern kitchens are the hub of the home as dining rooms and utility spaces become redundant in the home. Integrate your dishwasher and washing machine into cupboards. Replace your kettle with a hot water tap to free up counter space to make your modern kitchen work in tandem with your life.

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