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Kitchen Installation ServicesWhat happens now I've placed my order?

It helps if we’re all on the same page when it comes to delivering and fitting your new kitchen or bedroom. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about kitchen installation services.



You’ll receive a delivery date about a week before the fitters are scheduled to begin. We can only give you a confirmed delivery time once you’ve paid your deposit and the order has been checked.


Make sure you have a fairly large space cleared ready to store the materials on the ground floor. It must be somewhere out of the way, that’s clean and dry.


Delivery is a two person job – they’ll unload everything to the space you’ve cleared. If this isn’t on the ground floor they won’t be able to deliver your goods.

On arrival

You’ll need to check the items delivered with the driver. It’s unlikely, but if you find any discrepancies or damage do not let fitting go ahead until you have contacted us on 01522 775 066. Please make sure you do this within 24 hours.

For extra information on deliveries see the FAQs page.


Here’s an installation timeline:

1. We’ll visit twice before the fitters get to work; the first time we’ll check measurements and make sure our design works for your space, the second time we’ll come back to check that the electrics and plumbing are where they need to be.

2. You’ll receive a schedule of works to give you an idea of what will happen and when.

3. A site meeting takes place (if requested by you).

4. When the fit is finished your project manager will do a snag list to check that everything meets the standard we expect.

5. Your designer and project manager will sign the work off as complete and you can start enjoying your amazing new space. Plus thereโ€™ll be a little gift from us to help you celebrate.

What great people and modern designers whose background is in kitchen fitting so they know all the pitfalls. They give you fresh ideas and new ways of looking at things but the final decision is up to you. Highly recommended.

Pamela Patchitt

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You might find what you need in our FAQs section. If not, give us a call on 01522 775066 or email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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