31 July 2021

Choosing the right colour palettes for your kitchen can be a difficult decision. With so many styles and colour matches to choose from we, at Katie Brown Kitchens, are here to help guide you in the right direction. 

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any home and making sure the design suits your lifestyle is a necessity. It is the space in which you will cook, clean, eat and entertain, therefore it needs to suit your style as well as your space.

When considering these colours you’ll need to consider the emotion you want the heart of your home to evoke.

From light and airy to cosy and idyllic, the colours and theme will give your culinary creations the room to be explored in. The congregation for any party you host will inspire conversation and awe. 

At Katie Brown, we work with each of our clients from the inception of their ideal kitchen all the way through to completion. One of the most discussed areas of any project is the colour schemes. Therefore we have curated a list of the top five colour schemes to consider and why. We understand the importance of knowing what is currently on trend and what will give you that classic look for the coming years. 

The colours in your home will need to create a feeling and a mood. By working with us we will be transforming those moods into relatable colour schemes to match the feel you want in your kitchen.

When we refer to colour schemes we are not just talking about the colours of your cabinetry or the colours of your walls. We include within this adding details through the use of the flooring, the lighting, furnishings and even tiling. 

Here are five colour schemes and why they work. Some you may want to explore in more detail and we are more than happy to assist you in your discovery. Simply mention the styles you want to know more about and we can discuss in your consultation. 


1. All white kitchen

The all white colour scheme will take a kitchen of any size and create a beautiful looking space of colour free cabinets and fixtures. The most natural of elements. 

This look never goes out of style. It provides the perfect backdrop to adorn your kitchen with your own items to add a pop of colour against the white. Or it allows the perfect clean space. Allowing you to have a modern and bright space. 

All white kitchens have become synonymous with handleless kitchen cabinets in which you get an impression of the clean and crisp space. 

One of the benefits of this colour scheme is that it can pair perfectly with a variety of personal style choices. Whether you want to stick to all white with a white marble worktop or add hints of wood with a light oak worktop. You can add as much personality as you like. 


2. The soft grey kitchen

Grey has become one of the most sought after colours when it comes to designing your dream kitchen. 

There is so much more to grey than you may first imagine. We will show you the different hues of the colour. From warm tones to more sleek and modern colours. Soft grey tones can allow you to create a traditional style kitchen, using Shaker Style Cupboards whilst also retaining an elegant and modern finish. 

A dusty grey gives a perfect neutrality for inspired colour matches. Paired with stone grey cabinets this collaboration gives a light, airy yet warm feel. 

Wakefield Lava Cameo-Black & White kitchen

Adding brushed stainless steel handles can really help to make the different shades of grey in your kitchen stand out. 


3. A splash of colour

Both an all white kitchen and a soft grey kitchen can be used on their own, or they can also be a canvas for a splash of colour. The neutral base colours create the ideal backdrop to add your own personal style and character to your bespoke kitchen space. 

With both the white and grey kitchens, when you add a sage green or Parisian blue the negative and shaded areas will catch the eye with the vibrancy of colour standing out. Adding either of these colours will add an accent, maybe missing from the original vision. 

Adding colour tiles are perfect for that quirky, yet stylish stand out look. Whether you opt for a bright splashback or tiles around the entire kitchen. Having vibrant colours in the brick or stacked pattern adds another dimension to the space. 

Orange & Grey Graphite Hoxton Kitchen

Also adorning your kitchen with a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers or simply small pots of home grown herbs lend themselves to adding another layer of colour. 


4. Country chic colours

When you picture a country house or a farmhouse kitchen the colours seem to look effortless. They perfectly compliment the grandeur of your home, bringing the outdoors in as well as being perfectly equipped for all your needs.

Country chic colours are the result of choosing the perfect balance of the right shades of colours. Whether that be looking at off-white colours or adding undertones of delicate blue, or greens. These shades come together to create the country kitchen of your dreams

Another element of planning the colour palettes of your kitchen is understanding the shades of wood you may be looking to use in your colour scheme to create a traditional country home feel. 

Warmth and homeliness is the perfect trait of your kitchen, with a light grey set of cupboards and cabinets paired with wooden work surfaces and cardamom or deep forest green accents. 

This elegant country style is easily achieved with our range of kitchens at an affordable budget.

When designing your dream country kitchen, using a neutral base with a pop of colour can be elevated even more with wood throughout the design. For instance real oak worktops and furniture add a really homey experience. Which is a continuation of bringing the outside in. Creating a perfect balance between your home and your surroundings.


5. Sage green

We have spoken about sage green being a beautiful accompaniment to give colour to your kitchen. That is not all to consider when you are hoping to include Sage Green in your home. This is a colour that lends itself to any kitchen space. With thoughts of herb gardens and country potting sheds sage green can bring character all of its own. 

It is a hugely on trend colour palette right now as it brings notes of calm and fresh surroundings. Paired with soothing cream cabinets or even lighter shades of mint green you will have a colour scheme you will want to keep with, changing very little over the years to come.

By adding a wooden flooring or metallic lighting you will once again transform your kitchen into something a little more rustic.

Consider revisiting a splash of colour with your sage green kitchen. By adding those fun, bright and quirky colours you have recreated your kitchen once more and still with the classic base look of the sage green. 

When it comes to picking the perfect colour scheme for your home there are so many things to consider. As well as this it is really important to make sure that your personality is being expressed in your dream kitchen. Whether one of these five styles has tickled your fancy or whether you want to explore other styles, we are here to help. 

Here at Katie Brown Kitchens we work with you to design your dream kitchen. If you are still exploring your options please feel free to visit our kitchen planner on our website and you can look at the different styles that will suit your home.