14 July 2021

Whilst small apartments and homes do offer comfort and charm, they do tend to offer a limited amount of kitchen space. Thankfully, here at Katie Brown Kitchens, we have worked on many beautiful small kitchens so we have plenty of ideas to help you.  

Whether you are renovating your kitchen, starting from scratch or just looking to freshen it up, read on to find out our five best small kitchen design ideas.


Breakfast bar ideas for small kitchens

A lot of modern kitchens have breakfast bars and you may traditionally associate them with larger kitchens with an abundance of space. However, this isn’t always the case. With careful planning and prior considerations, you can still have a breakfast bar in your kitchen no matter the space. 

A raised worktop works well for a two-person breakfast bar and this design works with most kitchens, as long as you have room for some stools to slide in and out. Another great option is similar to how you would picture a breakfast bar in a larger kitchen. You could still have your breakfast bar centred and incorporate storage space within the bar. This means you don’t need to worry about finding storage space elsewhere and can still have that bar you dreamed of. 

Kensington - Dust Grey Kitchen

Breakfast bars work perfectly along those walls that are not quite deep enough for full depth cabinets. You can simply get an extra cut of the worktop and create a shallow depth bar. As long as it is designed with regard to the depth needed for stools and to comfortably fit crockery. 

Another way that they work well is if you are looking to open up your small kitchen space into a living area. You can always create a breakfast bar where there used to be a wall to open through to the living space as well as have a seating area. 


Small kitchen colour schemes 

Colour schemes can create an illusion of space. In both positive and negative ways, they can make a space look larger or smaller depending on the requirements of the design. We love to be involved in the choosing of colours for your home. It is important to consider the colour of your cabinets and of your room in order to make the most of the space that you have. 

Small kitchen colour schemes can create the illusion of more space. The colour that you choose can really help to make your kitchen feel larger than it may actually be. There are lots of different shades that can help to accentuate natural light and therefore make a space look larger. We recommend using cool whites and white based shades as well as warming earth tones to add the appearance of more space in your small kitchen. 

When it comes to the finishings on your cabinets and surfaces, consider the mood you are hoping to create. We recommend limiting the colours so your kitchen doesn’t feel cluttered or too busy. This can help to convince the eye that there is more space than necessarily there is. 

Another consideration is having matt white handleless kitchen cabinets. These make the kitchen seem flowing and the white reflects light back into the space. Once again leading to the appearance of more light and space. 


Hidden prep and storage solutions 

Hidden prep and storage solutions are one of our favourites at Katie Brown. This can help make your space not only neat and also make it work for you. You can design your kitchen space so that you have a chopping board within a drawer that you can pull out to prepare your vegetables. This allows you to save worktop space for those crucial utilities. It also can provide the perfect solution to scrape the ends straight into the bin. 

Another faultless hidden storage solution is having inbuilt bins. This can be a perfect use of those smaller cupboard spaces as the bins can be designed to fit your space. Having built-in bins also helps to keep your kitchen space clean, tidy and neat. With no bins on show which can be a bit of an eyesore.  

Porcelain, Cashmere Malham Kitchen

Taking advantage of cupboard space for storage works well with small kitchens. It can allow you to make sure all of your utensils and saucepans are not taking up space on your kitchen worktops. You can create seamless storage solutions that have built in utensil organisers as well as shelves that you can neatly store all of your saucepans. 


Pull out pantry drawers

Not got room for a full-sized pantry? No problem, why not look at creating a pull out pantry drawer instead. Pantries offer the perfect solution for keeping your cooking staples such as oils, spices and nuts in one place and also within reach for when you are cooking. 

Pull out pantry drawers can allow you to save precious worktop space, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing display of your essential spices. Pantry drawers can come in all shapes and sizes, whether you dedicate an entire baseline unit or simply a top drawer. It allows you full autonomy as to where you house your kitchen essentials. 


Plenty of shelving

Kitchen shelving can be the most effective way to keep everything in one place and organised. Whether it is open shelving or hidden with a cupboard, they are a great option for keeping your ingredients and crockery close to hand.

A cluster of floating shelves can work particularly well as they can look stylish whilst also keeping the worktops clear. Of course, if you are using the shelves for day to day items then make sure you mount the shelves just above eye level so you can still reach what you need. 

Shelves can also work as the perfect stylistic feature of your home. You may have a famous collection of copper pans that although rarely used can provide a lovely display. Or you may love to be organised and store all of your grains and pastas in Mason Jars. Displaying these neatly on your shelves is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional to make use of the space available. 

That brings us to the end of our blog, we hope that the above ideas have given you an insight into what you could do in your small kitchen to maximise the space.

To find out more information about how we can help you design your dream kitchen, get in touch with us here.