19 January 2021What are the advantages and disadvantages of a handleless kitchen and how will it work in my home?

You may have seen sleek and glossy handleless kitchens in magazines and online or walked though contemporary showroom kitchens and seen the handleless look in action. But is a handless kitchen right for you and your home? Katie Brown Kitchens walks you through the pros and cons of a handless kitchen design, to help you discover how the style can fit into your home.

How do handless cupboard doors work?

There are two models of handless door, the J-trim or True Handleless.

The J-trim consists of a groove, crafted into the shape of the door right at the top edge. You can hook your fingers into this groove to open and close the doors. This means your handleless cupboard doors are full length sitting just underneath your countertop.

A True Handleless door normally has a metal channel mounted at the top, and a slightly shorter door leaves a gap for you to slip your hand into for opening and closing.

Both of these models can have soft-touch push features mounted behind, so with a soft push against the cupboard door, it opens effortlessly with no need for grappling at the edges of the cupboard.

What are the advantages of a handleless kitchen design?

Letโ€™s start with the look and feel of this design. You can expect sleek and minimalist lines, tidy and uncluttered spaces and a contemporary aesthetic to your kitchen. This design is visually impressive and gives the impression of instant modernity. Add in some contemporary appliances like a Bosch Built in coffee machine and the only handles you will see is on your coffee mug.

Next up is the practicality, no more trying to clean behind award draw handles! The smooth and continuous lines in a handleless kitchen make cleaning effortless, making maintaining a hygienic space much easier. Keep those sleek counter tops clear with a Quooker hot water tap built into the design.

It seems that handleless designs are also safer than traditional style kitchens. The most obvious aspect of this being no handles to knock into with hot trays of food, and less likelihood of little ones walking into protruding handles. Add in the advantage of the additional space awarded by handless kitchens, by losing those handles you can create both bigger and safer spaces.

Are there any disadvantages to a handleless design?

If you are used to having handles on every draw and cupboard it can be a slight adjustment to get used to! Making a new habit to open your kitchen cupboards in a different manner is just a matter of settling into your new handless kitchen. If you think about your appliances too, creating more space to move with this Neff compact oven will keep the style throughout the whole kitchen.

You wouldnโ€™t be crazy to think that handleless kicthens would be cheaper โ€“ no handles to buy right? However, you may find that handless designs can get to around 15% more expensive than a traditional kitchen. This is down the added craftsmanship and shaping of the doors and draws to fit around the handless style.

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