23 September 2021

Looking for a new kitchen is an exciting experience, but it can become tiring if you can’t find exactly what you want. 

At Katie Brown we’ve made a design tool that lets you unleash your creative side and design your own kitchen. All you need to do is follow the steps on our website and you could be sitting in a kitchen you designed in a matter of weeks – how many people can say they’ve done that? 

You can use our 3D planner to make a design for your new kitchen.


Step 1 – Choose Your Room Template

To make your work easier, we have predefined some standard room shapes for you. Simply enter your specific room dimensions, then you can start planning. If your room has a different shape, you can select ‘Free Room’. 

Step 2 – Build Your Kitchen


You can enter your exact room dimensions or change the room size by pulling the side walls. Once you’ve created the room you can add your additional elements like doors, windows or radiators to it. 

To do this, select a group from the list. You can then choose from a selection of doors, windows, radiators, walls, splashbacks and connections. Once you’ve made your choice, you can drag and drop the element into the room. 

To further adapt the interior design to your expectations and wishes, you can add finishing touches to the walls, doors, floor and other elements. Click on an element in the room and select from the left column the appropriate property you want to modify. 


Step 3 – Furnish Your Kitchen

Next choose your model, click on your desired collection on the left hand side and then choose your favourite.

Once you have selected your model, it’s time to populate your kitchen. Use the left hand side menu to select a product category.

A list of the possible products will then populate. You can add any article to your room by clicking on it or using the drag and drop. Layout your kitchen, just as you want it. Choose where you put your units and appliances in your own bespoke style. 

Finally, choose your design. Click on the products in your new kitchen to select a colour and finish that suits your style. Here you have the chance to tailor your home and create a space that is unique to you. Whether you want a cool toned, laid back area or a bright and lively space, we have a large selection of options. 

Step 4 – View Your Kitchen

The best part of designing your own kitchen is the excitement that comes with viewing the finished product. Your personalised plan is now ready! Here you can find the plan details, product list and room elements. Simply register to receive the plan as a PDF file by email. 

Now you have your kitchen design, it’s time for our team to perform their magic. Visit our showroom where our designers can take a look at your plan and together, we can create your dream kitchen.