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When we were first building Katie Brown as a company, we sat down in what’s now the comfy client area of our showroom, and talked about how we thought kitchens should be sold in an ideal world. After a lot of coffee and a white board crammed with brilliant ideas – including leaving our customer’s favourite tipple on the kitchen side as a thank you – we came up with what Katie Brown stands for:

It’s all about design – we go to great lengths to get this right and give you something that pushes the boundaries (not in a wacky way but in an ‘I didn’t know I wanted that but it’s like you’ve seen into my soul‘ kind of way).

A friendly face – we’re not scary designers who don’t smile. We’re down to earth industry experts who will happily make you a cup of tea (or whatever you like to drink) in one of our trendy mugs.

Fun – who said buying a new kitchen had to be boring? Or stressful? Not on our watch.

That's great but why should I buy from Katie Brown and not some other place?

You’re not a number to us, you’re a person who needs a space that’s designed to fit your lifestyle. It’s all in the little details – fancy a special area for your cookery books? Done. Need to include a little nook for your much loved pet? No problem. Want a cupboard just for your herbs and spices? We can make it happen. If you can imagine it, there’s a good chance we can create it.

We haven’t come across anywhere else that can provide the kind of boundary pushing design – with highly qualified experts who have been doing this for years – at such an affordable price (from as little as £4,995) so why would you waste time looking elsewhere?

We have had nothing but fabulous service from all the staff at Katie Brown Kitchens. The staff have been friendly, reliable and highly professional! We are delighted with the design for the kitchen and are really excited about what will be our beautiful new kitchen! We have been kept well informed as to what is happening with our kitchen as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic! We have nothing but the utmost confidence in the product and fitting and, as a result can thoroughly recommend them!

Julia Weeks

The Team

At the Katie Brown showroom you’ll find a passionate team of trendy in-house designers. With a diverse range of skills and experience between them, they’ll take you under their wing and create something you weren’t expecting (in a good way).

Design is never far from their minds, they get their inspiration from travel, film, the great outdoors and a spot of photography. If we’re honest they’re inspired by everything – it’s why they’re so creative. It’s great for our customers because they’ll mix patterns, colours and materials that you wouldn’t dream of doing yourself, and the results are interior design magazine worthy.

I'd love a new kitchen from Katie Brown. What should I do next?

All you need to do is book an appointment and we’ll do the rest.

If you’re not ready to come in and see us yet, take a look at our range of kitchens to find a style that suits you.

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